Graduate Housing Application Information

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To participate in the graduate housing lottery, all eligibility requirements must be met by the student.

  1. Must be a full-time graduate student or a married undergraduate student.
  2. Must not be a visiting researcher or scholar.
  3. Must be working towards a matriculating, degree-earning program.

Graduate Housing Lottery:

After applying a student is randomly assigned a number by a computer-generated program. This lottery number determines the order in which offers are sent to students.

On their application, students are asked to select their preferences for housing (ie: Packer vs. Saucon Village, one bedroom vs. three bedroom). Students are encouraged indicate a first and second preference increase their chance of being offered housing that meets their selections. Students may include requirements for their apartment - note that if we have no housing that meets these requirements, the student may not be offered any housing.

Graduate students who need an accommodation are encouraged to contact Disability Support Services.

Accepting an Offer for an Apartment

All apartment offers are sent to the student’s Lehigh email account unless a different email address is used during the application process. Students have 48 hours to respond and accept an offer for housing or their offer will be given to the next student in the lottery. Students should read the offer details carefully and ask any clarifying questions before accepting the offer. Students who wish to decline the offer should respond in kind.

Once students submit their offer acceptance and security deposit, they will receive communication about completing Health & Wellness Center requirements and any other necessary forms. Students should be sure to check their email regularly as this process is time-sensitive.

Signing Your Lease

At least two weeks prior to move-in, students will receive an email requesting information on their move-in details and asking them to schedule a lease signing. During the lease signing students will be given an introduction to living in on-campus housing at Lehigh. After your lease signing, students will be able to obtain a parking permit if they have a vehicle. Students should come prepared to their lease signing with any questions they have - we encourage all family and roommates to attend the appointment with the leaseholder.

Lottery Timeline

There are three housing lotteries throughout the year. Below are the dates during which a student must submit their housing application to have full consideration for housing. The dates are listed below and are updated in advance of each process:

Summer Lottery (move-in dates of May 6th through June 9th) - Limited Openings*    

March 15 through March 31: Lottery application open for summer housing. 

April 1: Lottery numbers are emailed to students

April 2: Housing offers begin. Offers will continue until all spaces are filled. 

There will not be a waiting list for the summer lottery. 

*Please note: This lottery is not open to current residents who are living on-campus unless the leaseholder in their apartment is graduating.

*Students are required to sign a contract that ends either 12/31/2024 or 5/31/2025. Summer only contracts are not available.

Fall Lottery (move-in dates of June 27th through September)

June 3 at 9 am through June 16: Lottery application open for fall housing 

June 17: Lottery Numbers are emailed to students by 5 pm

June 18: Housing offers are sent to student's email

June 28: Waiting List

Winter/Spring Housing (move-in dates of January and February)

November 16-30: Lottery application open for winter/spring housing

December 1: Lottery Numbers are emailed to students

December 4-8: Housing offers are sent to student's Lehigh email

December 11: Waiting List is posted