Off Campus Housing

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It is important to consider all variables and to be well informed of the particulars of living off campus before deciding to do so. On our website, you will find information on the responsibilities, opportunities, decision making processes, and tricks and tips from fellow Lehigh students on their off campus living experiences. The following information was compiled to benefit not only prospective off-campus students but also students currently living off campus, and those making the transition from on-campus student to a member of the community. If you have additional questions contact the Housing Services Office at

What can the Office of Housing Services' website help with in regards to off-campus housing?

What can’t the Office of Housing Services help with in regards to off-campus housing?

· The website provides a connection to the Places4Students site to find available apartments or roommates.

· The office can’t help with landlord/tenant disputes.


· The website can recommend things you should think about before you sign your lease and what should be included in your lease.

· The office can’t find you housing or someone to take over your current lease.

· The website can give you some safety tips for living off-campus.

· The office can’t find you roommate (s) to live with in your house.

· The website can refer you to legal resources if you need them.

· The office can’t review leases.

· The website can provide information on documenting move-in or move-out condition.

· The office can’t recommend properties or landlords for rent.


· The office can’t provide legal advice to you.


Should students need assistance on any of the above matters, The Office of Housing Services recommends that students’ use sections of this website as a guide.