Fire Safety Plan for Graduate Housing

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Fire Alarm Education

  1. Residents have multiple fire detectors in their apartments for their safety.
  2. If one alarm is set off, the tenant has 60 seconds to clear smoke from the alarm before the LUPD is notified.
  3. If two alarms are set off in the apartment, the LUPD is notified right away and the entire building will be alerted and evacuated.

Fire Alarm Protocol

  1. Exit the building as quickly as possible when an alarm is heard and fully cooperate with university officials. Residents should take personal belongings as they may be outside for an extended period of time.
  2. For residents who accidentally set off a fire alarm, call the LUPD (610-758-4200) immediately to report a false fire alarm and explain that there is not an actual fire. Residents should only be calling LUPD if they know for certain there is not an actual fire.

Fire Safety Programs provided by Lehigh University

Fire Drills (Each Semester)

Building Walk Thrus (Weekly)

Bedroom Inspections (Each Semester)

Facilities Services Preventative Maintenance (e.g., fire extinguisher checks, sprinkler inspections, etc.)

Educational programming (e.g., posters, emails during fire safety month, etc.)

General Fire Safety Policies:

PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES:  The following activities are not permitted in residential areas…playing with fire, chemical experimentation, the cooking and preparation of food (except in designated areas).

STAIRWELLS, EXITS, HALLWAYS: Stairwells, exits, and hallways must remain free and clear of unattended objects at all times.

EXTERIOR, FIRE, SECTION, AND ROOM DOORS:  Exterior, section and fire doors are to remain closed at all times, with exterior doors locked 24-hours a day.  Residents of the section will be held responsible if doors are blocked or propped open. 

RESTRICTED ITEMS: The possession or use of any potentially dangerous item or material is strictly forbidden.  Such items are subject to confiscation.  Firearms, fireworks, ammunition, air guns, paint ball guns, spring type weapons, slingshots, martial arts weaponry, explosives, and switchblade or hunting knives are among those items prohibited. 

Consequences of setting off a fire alarm

1st Offense – Written Warning from Housing Services 

2nd Offense- GPO Violation- $25 Fine and meeting with Housing Services

3rd Offense- GPO Violation- $50 Fine and meeting with Housing Services

4th Offense- Removal from University Housing

*The above fines are in addition to any other GPO Violations found in your living apartment