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Ending Your Lease:
At Least Two Weeks Prior to Moving Out (Saucon Village Residents Only):
  • Electric:  You must submit your disconnect service date to PPL prior to your move. Log in to your PPL account or call PPL Electric Utilities (1-800-342-5775) to notify them of your move.

At Least One Week Prior to Moving Out (All Residents):
  • Mail: To avoid mail service interruption, submit your change of address online at:  Note you will not have access to your mailbox after you move out. If you are moving to an international address, the change of address form cannot be completed online and must be filed at the Post Office.

  • Update your address with the university online at: This is important to make sure you receive graduation documents and security deposit refunds.

  • Update your address for any packages you may be sending such as Amazon.

  • Personal Property: You are encouraged to make plans in advance for any items that you are not taking with you. If you are selling them before you move-out, posting of signs on the door or bulletin boards is not permitted. If you would like to donate your items, you are encouraged to contact Lehigh’s Community Service Office at to make possible arrangements. All items need to be removed when your lease ends or you will be charged for removal. 

2 Days Prior to Moving Out (Saucon Village Residents Only):
  • Fitness and Game Room: remove any personal gym equipment from the fitness room. Anything that is left behind will be considered a donation to Housing Services.

  • Bike Rack: Make arrangements for your bike if you do not plan on taking it with you. If you would like to donate it, please contact

Day of Move Out (by 5 pm):
  • Apartment Condition: The apartment should be cleaned and all personal belongings should be removed, including items in your kitchen cabinets and storage lockers. All items in your apartment must be removed by your move out date.  Lehigh University is not responsible for any personal property left in the apartment after your lease ends.

  • Cable Boxes: Leave all cable equipment (boxes, cards, remotes) in the apartment upon move-out.

  • Keys: For Saucon Village residents, place keys issued to you/roommates (except for 1 apartment key) inside the apartment on the kitchen counter. Lock the apartment door and push the apartment key underneath the door.  For Packer and 230 West Packer residents, place all keys on your desk and lock the door behind you. Note: Card access will end at 5 pm on your scheduled move-out date.

Security Deposit:

Your apartment will be inspected 1-3 days after your lease ends. Any damages, including but not limited to items left, trash, or holes in the wall will be taken from your security deposit. The results of your inspection and security deposit details will be sent to your Lehigh email address.