Furniture in Greek Houses

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Bedroom Furniture

Each room comes with a set(s) of furniture, which includes a bed set with mattress, desk, desk chair, dresser and wardrobe (unless the room has a built-in closet(s). The number of sets of furniture will coincide with the capacity of the room (singles will have one set of furniture, doubles will have two sets, etc.).

At the end of the academic year, any missing or damaged furniture will be the responsibility of the chapter. The Chapter may choose to pay the replacement costs or attempt to identify individual members they want billed for the cost of the damage.

University-issued furniture must remain in bedrooms. Bedroom furniture cannot be stored in common areas of the house, this includes in hallways, stairwells, bathrooms or outside the house.


Common Area Furniture

Common area Furnishings (furniture, area rugs, draperies, etc. are the collective shared responsibility of the chapter, including alumni, but must be reviewed and approved by the University through the Office of Housing Services, prior to any additions to the house.