Temporary Housing

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Temporary housing is not for students signing up for summer housing. If you are signing up for summer housing and need a place to stay between May 16 and 19, please indicate your need when filling out your summer housing contract.

Temporary housing is not for seniors. Graduating seniors who want housing between May 16 and 19, please sign up for senior housing. All seniors who are on the graduation list will receive an email mid April. Please contact us with any questions at 610-758-3500.

Temporary Housing is available for students who need on-campus housing beyond the academic year closing of residential buildings on May 16, 2024. To be guaranteed Temporary Housing, your request must be made by May 3, 2024.

If you register for temporary housing immediately following closing, most students will be able to stay in their current housing assignment until May 19th and should plan to move on May 19th into Temporary Housing in Singleton and Hitch Houses. If you are in a building where we are not able to allow you to stay (House 087), you WILL be required to move on or prior to May 16th. You need to plan accordingly. You must be available to move on the date required or we will not be able to offer you temporary housing. The daily housing rate applies beginning May 16th no matter if you remain in your Spring assignment or move into Singleton and Hitch Houses.

Temporary Housing is available from Closing Day (May 16th) through 8:00pm on Friday, June 7, 2024. You will be charged the daily rate from your first date of check in through your last date of check out. 

Housing Rates

  Daily rate
Housing $25.00


Meal Plan: The meal plan begins on May 20, 2024.

The meal plan is not optional. If you do not want a meal plan we will not be able to offer you temporary housing.  A meal plan is required for all students living in temp housing. Students will be able to select from three different meal plans. All meals will be served in the Rathbone Dining Hall. All of these meal plan options will include Dining Dollars which can be used at open dining locations across campus. You will be charged the daily rate from your first date of sign-up through your last date whenever dining is offered. 

Meal Plan Rates

Meal Plans Daily rate
9 meals $19.40
12 meals $20.71
15 meals $22.26

Dining Dollars

Dining dollars w/ Meal Plans  
9 meals $75.00
12 meals $50.00
15 meals $25.00

If you are signed up for more than 10 days of temporary housing, you will be charged for 1 session of dining dollars which can be used through August when the summer dining plan ends.

Temporary Housing Agreement:

As part of reserving temporary residence hall housing, you must agree to the following:

1. University policies that apply to living in the residence halls as stated in the General Provisions for Student Occupancy will be in effect. Violation of any of these policies can result in immediate suspension of the privilege to stay in the University operated housing facilities and possible disciplinary action.
2. Students will be held financially responsible for the theft or damage of all articles in and around the living area and any excessive cleaning that may be required.
3. Failure to return a key will result in a charge of $75.00 per key to cover the cost of any necessary lock changes.
4.  Failure to vacate by the designated date/time will result in additional temporary housing charges..
5.  All charges are placed through the Bursar's Office before key pick up. Adjustments to charges will be made within 3-5 business days after check out (return my key).

6. Cancellation must be made a minimum of 48 hours in advance of your move-in date or a 1 night charge will be applied to your Bursar account.


RESERVATIONS: To sign up for Temporary Housing go to Housing and Dining Self Service, Select Applications, Temp Housing (Spring 2024)