Check-In for First Year Students

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Welcome to Lehigh University! Once you arrive on campus on August 22, your first stop will be Iacocca Hall, on our Mountaintop Campus for check-in between 8:00-11:30 AM. There, you’ll get your orientation schedule and residence hall move-in instructions. After checking in, head down the mountain via a color coded route to your residence hall. Please leave all family pets at home. Campus is extremely busy on this day and pets are not permitted in our buildings.

Before moving into your residence hall, the state of Pennsylvania requires you to receive vaccination against meningococcal disease (meningitis) or sign an exemption that states you understand the risk and benefits of vaccination. There are two vaccines that protect against meningitis, one that protects against the strains A,C,Y&W and one that protects against the B strain.  As recommended for college students by CDC and the American College Health Association, our Health & Wellness Center requires both Men ACYW (after the age of 16) and Men B for immunization compliance. We encourage you to take care of your meningitis vaccines prior to your arrival; but if you are unable to do so, we will have the vaccines available on campus. Go to the Health & Wellness Center's website for more information.


Move-In: After checking in at Iacocca Hall, you will proceed to your residence hall, where your Gryphon will provide you with your Lehigh ID, room key and other information. Due to the large number of new students moving in on Thursday, we anticipate there to be a significant amount of traffic on campus. Please try to limit the number of vehicles to only those which are absolutely necessary. Additionally, trailers are not recommended due to narrow roadways to some of our buildings. Please note: if you need to bring a trailer, you may have to park farther away from your building to unload. To help the process run smoothly, we ask you to please unload your belongings at your residence hall and then have one member of your party move your vehicle to a parking garage on lower campus. This will make room for other first year students to move in.

Shuttles will be available to bring the driver from the parking garage back to your residence hall. When you arrive at your residence hall, there will be faculty, administrative staff and members of various student organizations, including fraternities and sororities, to help you unpack your vehicle. To help us, please make sure all boxes, suitcases, bags, etc. are clearly labeled with your name and the building and room number you have been assigned.