Minimum Insurance Requirements

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Insurance and Related Requirements

The Successful Candidate shall obtain and maintain the minimum insurance coverages set forth below. By requiring such minimum insurance, the University shall not be deemed or construed to have assessed the risk that may be applicable to the Successful Candidate under this Contract. The Successful Candidate shall assess its own risks and if it deems appropriate and/or prudent, maintain higher limits and/or broader coverages. The Successful Candidate is not relieved of any liability or other obligations assumed or pursuant to the Contract by reason of its failure to obtain or maintain insurance in sufficient amounts, duration or types.

The Successful Candidate shall carry the following limits of liability as required below:

Commercial General Liability

General Aggregate (*l) $2,000,000

Products/Completed Operations Aggregate $2,000,000

Each Occurrence Limit $1,000,000

Personal/Advertising Injury $1,000,000

Fire Damage (Any One Fire) $ 500,000

Medical Payments (Any One Person $ 5,000

Note *1: (General Aggregate to apply per project (ISO Form CG2503 or equivalent).

Automobile Liability (including Garagekeeper's Liability)

Bodily Injury/Property Damage (Each Accident) $ 1,000,000

Personal Injury Protection Statutory

Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist $1,000,000

Workers' Compensation

Coverage A (Workers' Compensation) Statutory

Coverage B (Employer's Liability) $100,000/$500,000/$100,000

Umbrella Liability

Each Occurrence Limit $2,000,000

General Aggregate Limit $2,000,000

Products/Completed Operations Aggregate $2,000,000

Professional Liability (if required) To apply on a per-project basis

Each Occurrence/Incident/Claim $1,000,000

Aggregate $2,000,000

(The University may require the Successful Candidate to keep this policy in effect for up to two [2] years after completion of the project.)

Pollution Liability (if required) To apply on a per-project basis

Per Loss $5,000,000

Aggregate $5,000,000

The Successful Candidate shall name the University, a body corporate and its officers, agents, employees and volunteers as Additional Insureds (ISO Form CG 20 10 or equivalent). The Successful Candidate shall provide the University a Certificate of Insurance (standard ACORD form or equivalent). Further, all policies of insurance described above shall:

The Successful Candidate shall promptly advise the University in the event any general aggregates or other aggregate limits are reduced below the required per occurrence limit. At their own expense, the Successful Candidate will reinstate the aggregate limits to comply with the minimum requirements and shall furnish to the University a new Certificate of Insurance showing such coverage is in force.

Required insurance coverages shall be maintained throughout the term of this Contract and, except for Automobile Liability and Workers' Compensation, for a period of two (2) years after the date of substantial completion of the project.

The University may require the Successful Candidate to keep Professional Liability coverage in effect for two (2) years after completion of the project.

  1. Coverages
    • Commercial General Liability - ISO 1996 Form or equivalent. Coverage to include:
      • Premises and Operations
      • Explosions, Collapse and Underground Hazards
      • Products/Completed Operations
      • Liability assumed under an Insured Contract (including defense costs assumed under contract)
      • Broad Form Property Damage
      • Independent Vendors
      • Personal/Advertising Injury
    • Automobile Liability ISO 1993 Form(s) or equivalent. Coverage to include:
      • Owned Vehicles
      • Non-Owned Vehicles
      • Hired Vehicles
      • Personal Injury Protection
      • Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist
      • Endorsement CA9948 (Pollution Liability)
    • Workers' Compensation NCCI 1991 Form or equivalent. Coverage to include:
      • Statutory Benefits (Coverage A)
      • Employer's Liability (Coverage B)
    • Umbrella Liability Excess and following form of Commercial General Liability, Automobile Liability, and Employer's Liability. Coverage should be as broad as primary.
    • Professional Liability Whenever the work under this Contract includes Professional Liability, including Advertising activities, the Successful Candidate shall maintain professional liability covering wrongful acts, errors and/or omissions of the Successful Candidate for damage sustained by reason of or in the course of operations under this Contract.
    • Pollution Liability The University may require this coverage whenever work under this Contract involves pollution risk to the environment. If required, this coverage is to include sudden and gradual coverage for third party liability including defense costs and completed operations. On the Automobile Liability Coverage Endorsement, CA9948 is required.
  2. Limits Required
  3. Additional Requirements
    • Be on a primary basis non-contributory with any other insurance coverages and/or self-insurance carried by the University
    • Include a Waiver of Subrogation Clause.
    • Include a Separation of Insureds Clause (Cross Liability)
    • Policy may not be non-renewed, canceled or materially changed or altered unless sixty (60) days advance written notice via certified mail is provided to the University.