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Per the OneCard Policy, if your statement is not completed by the required due date, your card could be suspended until the review is completed.  The completed review includes your descriptions/business purposes, applicable receipts and clicking your statement reviewed button.   Should a Cardholder review his or her statement but fail to submit all required receipts (see the University Travel and Business Expense Policy for receipt requirements) by the published due date, without notification to a OneCard Program Administrator in the case of Extended Travel, his or her Card will be suspended until all required receipts are submitted. If a receipt cannot be obtained from the vendor, the Cardholder should follow the procedure for missing receipts found in the Travel and Business Expense Policy.  Please refer to the OneCard Policy (OneCard Policy) page 10.

In order for the Cardholder to have the suspension lifted, the statement must be completed in it's entirety including the approver's approval of the statement and the approval of the suspension lift.


According to the OneCard Policy, irresponsible approval of expenses will cause the Approver’s Card to be suspended pending a review.  This includes approving statements that are missing the required detailed receipts.

In order for the Approver to have the suspension lifted, the following will need to be completed:

  • Review OneCard Tutorial
  • Take OneCard Online Quiz
  • Complete OneCard Checklist
  • Read Travel and Business Expense Policy
  • Sign Checklist for completion
  • Read OneCard Policy
  • Sign Checklist for completion
  • Answer questions regarding both Travel and Business Expense Policy and OneCard Policy
  • Obtain approval from Approver for card to be re-instated.