Personal Protective Equipment

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Our central PPE program has officially concluded.  Beginning February 1, 2021, departments will transition to ordering and funding their own PPE supplies via Lehigh’s Amazon Business Prime Marketplace, Unimarket catalog suppliers, or an alternative supplier.

Amazon Business
In September, Lehigh launched our centralized Amazon Business account for Lehigh credit card holders. If you need assistance accessing or completing your invitation, please contact This business-oriented Amazon marketplace has a dedicated gateway to “COVID-19 Supplies” and provides two-day Prime shipping on most Amazon-fulfilled items.

WB Mason
In addition to standard office supplies, our WB Mason catalog (regular website or via Unimarket) is offering a wide selection of items: cloth masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectant, and more. For access to this catalog, please contact *NOTE: LEAD TIMES MAY VARY.*

Scientific Suppliers
Fisher Scientific and VWR’s Unimarket catalogs continue to offer PPE items (gloves, masks, face shields, sanitizer) at our contracted prices.

New Account Code Available for PPE
To aid the university in more accurate, high-level expense reporting, a new account code is available:
72140 – COVID PPE Supplies 

Where applicable, please use this account code on future POs for PPE or during your monthly OneCard review.