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Frequently Asked Questions

Does OneCard have Use Restrictions?

In addition to Lehigh University’s Travel and Business Expense policy stating allowable expenses, the following limits are placed on your OneCard:  Single Transaction Limit, Monthly Credit Limit and blocked merchant categories

How can I Change my Single Transaction Limit and/or Monthly Credit Limit?

Complete a DocuSign OneCard Maintenance Form, including your name, last four digits of your card number, the increased amount needed, the dates the increase is needed, your signature and your primary approver signature.  The form will automatically be routed to the OneCard Program Administrator.  
** Please do not use alias email addresses in DocuSign

What if I Exceeded My Credit Limit?

Your single transaction limit, monthly credit limit and available balance can be viewed online in your WellsOne Expense Manager (WOEM) profile.

How Do I Upload Receipts to My Statement?

Scan and email the receipts to yourself.  Save them to your desktop.  If the receipt is in an email, save the attached receipt to your desktop.  When in WellsOne Expense Manager, on the transaction that the receipt is for, click the image library, top right.  This allows you to select the location and filename from your desktop.  Make sure to click Update at the bottom to save the changes.

If using your smart phone, take a picture of the receipt.  Via the CEO Mobile app on your smart phone, access the transaction.  Attach your receipt to the appropriate transaction by selecting it from your camera roll.  Make sure to save the changes to your transaction.

How Do I Split Expenses?

In the WellsOne Expense Manager system, select the transaction.  Click the toggler box next to split the transaction.  You can split the transaction by percentage or dollar amount.  

What Do I Do If I have Disputed or Fraudulent Transactions?

Please refer to the OneCard Policy on the Purchasing OneCard website.  It is extremely important to address these items immediately.

How Do I Activate My OneCard?

You will need to call Wells Fargo, the number on the back of your card, to activate your card prior to the first use.  Your unique ID is the last four digits of your LIN.

What Do I Need To Do If my OneCard Is Lost or Stolen?

It is extremely important to call Wells Fargo, 1-800-932-0036, immediately in the event your card is lost or stolen.  You will need the last four digits of your LIN for your unique ID.

Who Is Allowed To Use My OneCard?

Each OneCard will be embossed with the individual’s name.  The OneCard must be used only by the person whose name is embossed on the physical card.

Can Foreign Purchases Be Made With My OneCard?

The OneCard is accepted worldwide.  Purchases can be made in any currency and billed in U.S. dollars.  The currency, as well as the foreign exchange rate utilized, is stated for each transaction on your statement.  The Wells Fargo phone number when traveling abroad is 415-243-1935.  When traveling outside Pennsylvania, call Wells Fargo.  Have them add a note to your account with the dates you are traveling and where you are traveling.  You will identify yourself with your unique ID – the last four digits of your LIN

What should I enter in the description field on my statement?

You need to include as much detail as possible in the description field for each transaction on your OneCard transaction.  There is a character limit of 200 and punctuation, other than periods, should not be used or the Wells Fargo system will not save your entries. 

How Do I Use an Index Number I Am Not Authorized to Use?

If the index number does not appear when searching the code value, then you have not been given authorization as Financial Manager, Authorized Signer or OneCard Signer.  If the index number is new and believe you should have authorization, contact the OneCard Administrator at inone@lehigh.edu for information.  Using an index number you are not authorized to use, requires written documentation from the Financial Manager or Authorized Signer.  The written documentation must be included as part of the receipts.

What If I’m Unable To Complete My Statement Review By The Required Due Date?

If you and/or your reconciler are unable to complete your statement review by the required due date, please email the Program Administrator at inone@lehigh.edu.

What Do I Do If I’m Missing A Receipt?

If the expense is under $75, a detailed receipt is not required under the Travel and Business Expense policy.  If a detailed receipt is required, contact the vendor and have the detailed receipt emailed to you.  You can then attach it to your transaction.  If you cannot obtain a copy of the receipt, please submit as part of your receipts a written statement, signed by your approver, documenting the expense.  See the “Lost Receipts” section of the Travel and Business Expense Policy.

Are There Fees Associated With the OneCard?

There is a 1% cross border transaction fee for international charges and a 1% ATM withdrawal fee.

Do I Need To Click The Complete Button?

Clicking the Complete button on each transcation is required by the required due date.  Clicking the Complete button sends your transaction(s) to your approver.  The Complete button is available throughout the month.

What Do I Do If My Transaction Declines?

You will receive an email from Wells Fargo with the decline reason.  For more information, contact your Program Administrator at inone@lehigh.edu

How Do I Get My Password Reset?

Wells Fargo sends you an email stating that your account ending in #### is scheduled to be disabled on <date>…to prevent disablement of your ID, change your password before <date>.  For more information, contact your Program Administrator at inone@lehigh.edu

Is A Wells Fargo Personal Bank Account Needed For Reimbursements?

A personal Wells Fargo account is not required in order to be reimbursed.  To enter your bank information into the Wells Fargo WellsOne Expense Manager system, click on your name, top right.  Then click Personal Settings, Reimbursement Account on the left hand side.

How Do I Enter Per Diem Reimbursements?

Obtain the per diem rate for the travel location from the General Services Administration (domestic) or the U.S. State Department (international) website and print the appropriate rate for the time of travel.  Calculate the total per diem reimbursement due taking into account the number of full and partial days of travel.  Enter the total per diem reimbursement amount as an Out Of Pocket expense in the Amount box.  In the Description field, explain the purpose of the travel, that reimbursement is on a per diem basis, the travel location and the number of days you traveled.  When you submit your receipts for that statement period, include the website printout supporting the rate you used.  For a complete description of the University policy for submitting per diem reimbursements and website links, please refer to the Travel and Business Expense Policy and Procedures that is posted on the Controller’s Office website.

How Do I Request Reimbursement of Personal Expenses?

In WellsOne Expense Manager, click Expenses at the top.  Then Click Add and then Cash Expense.  The Expense Wizard must be completed for each transaction.  Please view the instructions to answer your questions.  Cash expenses must be entered and approved by the last business day of the month in order for the transaction(s) to be included in the file processed the first business day of the month.  You will receive your reimbursement a few days after that.
In WellsOne Expense Manager, if there is a message stating "Your reimbursable amount currently exceeds your personal spend", it means you are due reimbursement and do not owe Lehigh University a reimbursement at this time.


When Do I Receive My Reimbursement?

Cash expenses must be entered and approved by the last business day of the month in order for the transaction(s) to be included in the file processed the first business day of the month.  You will receive your reimbursement a few days after that.

What Do I Do If the Cardholder Did Not Submit Detailed Receipts with their Statement?

Do not approve a transaction that is not complete, including all required, detailed receipts and business purposes.  The Cardholder, Reconciler, Primary Approver and Secondary Approver all have the ability to upload receipts into the Wells Fargo system to the specific transaction after the statement period has closed.

What happens to expenses that have been approved by my approver but are found to be unallowable by the Controller’s Office audits?

If, during the Controller’s Office audit, any expense is found to be unallowable per the guidelines listed in the University’s Travel and Business Expense Policy, the OneCard Accounting Coordinator will reach out to the cardholder to request additional information to substantiate business purpose.  If the expense is deemed unallowable, the cardholder will need to reimburse the University via check or payroll deduction.

What do I do if I forget my Wells Fargo credentials and I am disabled in the system?

Contact your Program Manager in Purchasing Services at 83266 or inone@lehigh.edu to reset your password.  If calling outside of business hours, call Wells Fargo Customer Service at 1-800-932-0036.  Your unique ID is the last four digits of your LIN.

Did you know you can reconcile your statement via your smart phone?

Download the CEO Mobile app onto your smart phone.  Once installed, you can log in using the same credentials you use on your laptop/desktop for Wells Fargo.  Via the app, you can enter business purposes, and upload receipts.  

What do I use as my billing address when I order products online?

The billing address is USPS street address.

Are students using the Wells Fargo system for Reimbursements?

Yes.  For reimbursements and for Study Abroad trips, they could have declining balance cards.  Please refer to https://businessservices.lehigh.edu/onecard/student-adjunct-and-visiting-employee-reimbursements for more information

What do I do with my original receipts after I have submitted them through the Wells Fargo system?

We ask that you retain your original receipts for the one entire fiscal year

Are you aware there is a Google calendar for OneCard?

Please click on the "+" sign to overlay the OneCard Google calendar to your own calendar

How are changes made in the OneCard system?

The DocuSign OneCard Maintenance form must be completed and forwarded to Purchasing Services.  The form is located at https://businessservices.lehigh.edu/onecard/forms

Is my payroll direct deposit associated with my Wells Fargo OneCard?

OneCard direct deposit is not associated with payroll.  They are separate entities.  When needing to update your banking information, you must do so both with payroll and within the OneCard system.

What's an unallowable expense?