Transportation and Parking Assessment

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Throughout the fall, as part of the university’s strategic planning process, we heard the challenges students, faculty, and staff have voiced with regard to transit and parking on Lehigh’s campuses. We listened to this feedback and collected additional input through focus groups and surveys. We greatly appreciate the input we received, and in response, launched new bus routes this spring to better meet ridership needs. 

To further evaluate transit and parking services, we are partnering with FHI Studio, a consulting firm specializing in transportation planning and community outreach, to ensure that we are supporting the university community and all aspects of our strategic vision in the long-term.

The approach to answering Lehigh’s most pressing parking questions will involve a close look at parking availability, flexibility, zones, pricing, policies, and demand throughout the campus system. In addition to parking data analysis, FHI Studio will develop parking solutions that consider the university’s goals, recent and ongoing campus master planning and strategic planning efforts, the availability and convenience of alternatives to driving (e.g., transit, biking, walking), as well as input from stakeholders including faculty, staff, students, and university vendors. 

A detailed assessment of Lehigh’s bus and multi-modal transportation will build upon customer-focused improvements made in recent years. Transit will be examined as a mobility resource and an essential component in the continued evolution of parking supply. The result will be near-term improvements that provide an actionable path toward continued transit expansion and frequency to serve all of Lehigh’s campuses.

In the coming months, University Business Services and FHI Studio will be conducting additional outreach to the Lehigh community. If you have any questions about the Transportation and Parking Assessment, please reach out to