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Effective Monday, January 23, 2023, Enterprise Car Rentals will be providing cars and vans to Lehigh faculty and staff for University travel purposes. You may begin making your reservations as early as Monday, January 16, 2023 for rentals beginning on Monday, January 23, 2023. Bus rental requests will still be managed by Transportation Services. If you have rental needs prior to January 16th, please contact the Transportation office directly. 

Before you rent:

  1. Review the qualifications to operate a university vehicle: Note: A Lehigh University Onecard is required to pay for the rental. 
  2. Complete the Driver Information Form, if you haven’t already done so.
  3. Please read the How To Guide for important rental portal instructions and details.


Rent your Lehigh vehicle at:

How to Guide


What do I need to do to rent a vehicle for business purposes?

Login to and follow the prompts to complete your reservation. Questions? Contact our office at  (610)758-4410 or

Before you rent:

How do I get my keys and rental agreement?

The keys and rental agreement will be with the vehicle which will be delivered to your selected location. You will receive a detailed pick-up notification email from Enterprise at least one hour before your selected pick-up time with detailed instructions. 

When I make my rental reservation, the pick up/return location is Bethlehem. I want to pick up the vehicle at one of the Lehigh campus locations. How or where do I change it?

After you enter the pick up and return date, select your vehicle and any extras, you will be taken to a “review and reserve” page.  On the right hand side, after you enter your “contact details”, go to “additional details” where you will be able to select your delivery to campus location.

What time should I make the pick up time of my vehicle if I would like it earlier than my actual departure time?

In order to have your vehicle when you want it, please reserve it at that time. Keep in mind, the rental charges will begin at that time.

Where should I leave my personal vehicle when picking up my rental?

Please park your personal vehicle in the space in which the rental vehicle was parked. If you then need to park your rental on campus, please display your parking permit in the rental vehicle and park it in the parking zone/area where your permit is valid for the duration of the rental.

Where do I return my rental vehicle?

You must return your rental vehicle at the same location you picked up. If returning to 125 Goodman Drive or 622 Brodhead Avenue, put the keys in the dropbox and remember to scan the QR code located on top of the dropbox to end your rental and avoid additional charges. If returning to an Enterprise location, please go into the office and return the keys. If the office is closed, simply drop the keys in the dropbox located outside of the office.


How do I cancel or modify my rental?

You may cancel or modify your vehicle rental at:

You will need to have your confirmation number.

Does Enterprise provide an EZ Pass?

Yes. You may request an EZ Pass from Enterprise; however, there is a toll convenience charge (TCC Fee) of $4.95 per day up to a maximum of 5 days plus the cost of tolls.  The TCC Fee is charged only when tolls are charged but is not charged for more than 5 days. You may also use your own EZ Pass and submit the out of pocket expense for reimbursement, if you wish to avoid the TCC fee.

Are there any rental minimums?

There will be a 2 day minimum charge when renting a 12 passenger van at all times, or three row SUV on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, due to high demand and low inventory.