Department Fleet Vehicles

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Lehigh University's Transportation office has a fleet of 140 vehicles.  All drivers MUST complete the driver information form (below) before driving any University fleet vehicle.  Vehicles are serviced by our fully trained mechanic team who maintain all fleet vehicles. Please contact our office with any questions concerning our fleet vehicles. NOTE: Effective June 1, 2022 a vehicle maintenance form must be completed for all repairs to fleet vehicles.  

For service during normal business hours, please call our office at 610-758-4410.  After hours, please contact Lehigh Police 610-758-4200 and ask for the on-call mechanic.

Accidents:  An “accident” is defined as any time a vehicle strikes or is struck by another vehicle, object or person, regardless of the amount of the damage or the owner of the vehicle/object.  Examples of accidents include, but are not limited to: scraping trees, posts, railings, loading docks, other vehicles, etc.

If you are involved in an accident, immediately contact the local police, regardless of who is at fault.  DO NOT MOVE YOUR VEHICLE unless directed to do so by the police officer, or unless it would be unsafe to leave the vehicle where it is stopped.  Contact Transportation Services as soon as possilbe.