Lehigh Launches Inaugural Crafter's Licensing Program

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Lehigh University is excited to announce the launch of our crafter’s license program - Community Connect. This program provides crafters with an opportunity to use their creativity to celebrate all things Lehigh without infringing the University’s trademarks and allowing the University to maintain the integrity of its brand. This license is ideal for fans who are interested in producing and selling small quantities of handmade Lehigh merchandise. Learn more at Licensing.lehigh.edu.

The benefits of joining Community Connect are:

  • You’ll be legally permitted to produce and sell handmade products using the Lehigh University brand.
  • You’ll receive a certificate of licensing partnership to display on your website and in-person sales - letting customers know you’re selling officially licensed products.
  • You’ll have access to our official logo files.
  • You’ll have access to our licensing portal where you’ll find all artwork, guidelines, resources, and updates from staff at CLC and Lehigh’s licensing director.
  • You’ll get hands-on help with adhering to Lehigh’s branding standards.
  • You’ll be promoted regularly by our licensing office through our Instagram account. 
  • This program will not charge crafters a royalty fee (based on sales) but a flat service fee of $125 annually. 

We invite you to submit an application at this link:  login.directlicensinghub.com/clccrafters

Please contact CLC at communityconnect@clc.com if you have any questions about the application or difficulties! I’m also happy to connect and answer any questions regarding the program.