Ordering Promotional Products

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Faculty, Staff, and Student Guidelines


Choosing a Licensed Vendor

All Lehigh departments and student groups must use a licensed vendor when ordering promotional products for their programs and events. Promotional products are items such as staff shirts/uniforms, pens to give away at a tabling events, branded table cloths to use at events, and more. Using Lehigh's quoting website, it's fast and easy to get the best deal for your next department project. Visit go.lehigh.edu/custommerch.

Approval Process

Our licensed vendors have access to our official Lehigh University logos. However, if you would like to use your department/program logo - you must provide them with that logo file. Before they are permitted to actually produce your product, they will also submit your product's proof to Lehigh’s Licensing office through our licensing system, called BrandManager360. There, a Lehigh staff member (Monika Skuriat Fritz) will review it and approve it OR suggest any needed changes. That is the final step before they can make your product.

Please note that all guidelines for logo usage and design are provided by Athletics and University Communications and Public Affairs.


The timeline of working with a vendor from start to finish can vary depending on the vendor. However, once the design is submitted to Lehigh’s Licensing office for review by the vendor - please allow up to 3 business days for review and approval/feedback. If edits are necessary, then additional days will be added to your timeline. Please be mindful of this when planning your promotional product orders for the semester.

Creating your Design

You are welcome to work with Lehigh’s licensing office in advance to ensure that your design will be approved when it is submitted by the vendor. Please contact Monika Skuriat Fritz at mos513@lehigh.edu. All guidelines for how Lehigh logos and department/event logos are designed are mandated by our Athletics department and University Communications and Public Affairs. Our office will work with you to ensure that those guidelines are applied correctly and that Lehigh’s brand is represented positively and professionally. 

  • Unless you are an Athletics department/team, No Athletic logos or wordmarks may be used - either in their entirely or pieces (such as just the Hawk head being used separately from the L)
  • No institutional logos or wordmarks may be used in the design -  either in their entirely or pieces (for example using just the shield in a design)
  • You may use the words Lehigh or Lehigh University, but please be sure they do not resemble our logos - we typically recommend a san serif font be used to distinguish them. 

Guidelines for Using the Institutional Lehigh Logos on Promotional Products

When creating your design, University Communications and Public Affairs requests the following be taken into consideration:

Avoid creating a design that appears to be a combined logo - as that compromises the integrity of the Lehigh trademark. Also, the elements of the Lehigh logo should not be separated (ex. Using the shield as an element of the office/dept. logo). One recommendation is that the name or logo of the office/dept. is placed separately from the Lehigh logo (ex. Lehigh logo on right of shirt, "Communications & Public Affairs" on the left side). 

If that's cost-prohibitive, the office name be set in a sans-serif font (to distinguish itself from the university logo font) and placed at least the "x-height" of the "LEHIGH" in the logo to help keep it distinct. 


If you are designing a new logo - please use a font for “Lehigh” or “Lehigh University” or “LU” that does not resemble our logo font - such as a san serif font.