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Licensing Program Frequently Asked Questions

How can I acquire Lehigh University artwork/logos?

If you are a University faculty or staff member, you may access Univeristy logo's at www1.lehigh.edu/communications/assets-resources#logo (Log in required).

If you are a vendor, please note that only licensed vendors have access to our logos and art sheet. If you are a licensed vendor, you may access all logos and art sheet through Learfield. Questions? Please contact Morgan Rogers at 317-663-7438.

How do I apply for a license?

A license application can be found at clc.com/home/get-licensed. If you have any questions regarding this application, please contact Morgan Rogers at 317-663-7438.

Where can I get a logo to use on a document/flyer/report?

Lehigh’s internal community can access logos, Lehigh’s color palate, and typography standards at Communications and Public Affairs' Assets and Resources page. This is an internal site and you must log in using your Lehigh user ID and password. External groups may contact an individual on our contacts page to request a logo - subject to approval.

What happens if a trademark is used without a license?

The University is legally obligated to enforce its trademark ownership rights. Learfield and University personnel work closely with federal, state and local law enforcement organizations to shut down illegal uses.

Where can I find a list of approved licensees?

The list of officially licensed vendors is continually being changed. Updates are issued and posted on a quarterly basis. If you have questions about a specific vendor, please contact us. Please visit our "Approved Licensed Vendors" page for full listings.

How do I know if a retail product is properly licensed?

Lehigh University and CLC are proud supporters of the Independent Label Program. All licensees are required to display the “Collegiate Licensed Products” Label on their products either via a hangtag or a sticker. This label should also contain manufacturer information as well.

Must I purchase a product bearing the Lehigh University name or mark from a licensed manufacturer? Why?

Yes, All purchases of merchandise bearing Lehigh University’s name or trademarks, regardless of whether or not the purchase is subject to royalty, must be from licensed manufacturers. The licensees have agreed to supply the University with quality, safe merchandise, and pay the University a royalty fee for the privilege to provide these products with the University marks. In exchange, the University has granted the supplier a unique opportunity to provide such merchandise. Each item it reviewed by a Lehigh staff member to ensure that branding standards are met and that the Univeristy brand is being portrayed correctly and positively.

How do I determine if the product is subject to royalty fees?

Royalty fees apply unless an exemption is granted by the University. Royalty exemptions may be granted for:

  • Goods purchased by the University for internal consumption and not re-sold (use by University faculty, staff, and students). Examples are: athletic uniforms, binders for inter- or intradepartmental use, recognition pins and plaques, calendars and schedules of events, etc.
  • Goods manufactured or purchased by the University promoting the University and its programs. Examples include student recruitment materials, fund-raising items, advertisement of University programs, and notices of special events.
  • Student organization giveaways.

Royalty exemptions will not be granted for:

  • Goods purchased by the University, University affiliates, University bookstores or gift/concession centers for resale;
  • Student groups selling to the general public, or students engaged in business for personal profit while making a nominal contribution to a student organization for the purpose of gaining either the exempt status or the privilege of selling on campus; or items purchased with personal funds;
  • Goods purchased by the University for external use (end user is not a member of the University faculty, staff, or student body) when the cost of the product is passed to the consumer through fees or contributions.

Note: All purchases of merchandise bearing Lehigh University’s name or trademarks, regardless of whether or not the purchase is subject to royalty, will be from licensed manufacturers. 

What can CLC and Lehigh do to assist the merchandising efforts of retailers who carry Lehigh licensed products?

If you are a retailer interested in carrying Lehigh University licensed products, contact CLC at 317-663-7438 to find out about promotional opportunities that might be available to you.