Community Connect Crafter's Program

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Lehigh’s crafter’s license program, known as Community Connect, provides crafters with an opportunity to use their creativity without infringing the University’s trademarks while still allowing the University to maintain the integrity of its brand. Community Connect may also be used by local entrepreneurs to test the market before entering into a broader retail license with the University through its licensing agent, CLC. This license is ideal for fans and alumni who are interested in producing small quantities of merchandise.


Officially Licensed Certificate: Crafters, once approved, will be provided with an "Officially Licensed" Certificate to use at craft fairs, on webpages, etc. when selling products  - letting customers know you’re selling officially licensed products.

Additional benefits of joining Community Connect are:

  • You’ll be legally permitted to produce and sell handmade products using the Lehigh University brand.
  • You’ll have access to our official logo files.
  • You’ll have access to our licensing portal where you’ll find all artwork, guidelines, resources, and updates from staff at CLC and Lehigh’s licensing director.
  • You’ll get hands-on help with adhering to Lehigh’s branding standards. Your artwork and project will be reviewed and approved by Lehigh licensing. If changes are needed to meet Lehigh’s brand standards, we’ll walk you through it step-by-step!
  • You’ll be promoted regularly by our licensing office through our Instagram account. 
  • This program will not charge crafters a royalty fee (based on sales) but a flat service fee of $125 annually. 


Items that are unique, handmade and of an underrepresented category are encouraged. Applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Lehigh reserves the right to reject an application for crafters requesting rights to produce goods outside of the spirit of the crafter’s program, or for any other reason. All products produced under the Lehigh Community Connect program must meet Lehigh brand standards and guidelines. 

This license allows for sales to individual consumers only, and does not allow for wholesale or third party vendor/distributor sales. All items must be approved by Lehigh’s licensing office prior to listing or displaying for sale. Items and artwork should be submitted through the Community Connect portal. Samples may be required for some items. Craftspeople can sell products at the following locations, so long as crafter contact information is provided and the license certificate is displayed:

  • Craft shows
  • Farmers markets
  • Festivals
  • Flea markets
  • Fairs
  • Limited online sites (personal website or crafter-hosted websites, i.e. Etsy)
  • Artisan/co-op shops
  • Distribution via events such as events organized by church, school, county or state

Please note that in accordance with University policy, no solicitation of sales may be made on campus at tailgate events.

Lehigh may, at its discretion, promote participants in the Community Connect program, with mutual agreement in advance.

Artwork Approval

All crafters will need to submit proposed artwork for all products for approval prior to production and sale of the item. Artwork will be submitted through the crafter's portal to - where Lehigh’s licensing office will review the submissions and provide approval or edit requests. Licensees will be given instructions for this process upon approval of their application.

Application FAQ's

Who is eligible?

Participants in the Lehigh’s Community Connect crafter’s program are artisans, craftspeople, and creatives who make items without mass-manufacturing processes. They may be small businesses, or they may be individuals. Many types of crafters are welcome in the Community Connect program at Lehigh. Crafters applying to Lehigh’s Community Connect are encouraged to contribute goods to the Lehigh community market that are not otherwise available through our traditional standard retail partners (e.g. T-shirts, etc).

How can I apply?

To apply, go to our Direct Licensing Hub:

Click "Apply for license." Lehigh’s licensing office and CLC will review the application and products for approval. If approved, the crafter will be notified by CLC. There is a $125 annual licensing fee. The Community Connect license is good for one year. No mail applications will be reviewed.

What are the fees?

The Lehigh Community Connect crafters license has a $125 up-front annual fee for participation. Crafters are allowed to sell up to 500 units or $2,500 in sales revenue annually. No other fees will be charged to Community Connect participants. If a crafter in the Community Connect program exceeds 500 units or $2,500 in sales in the term of their license, CLC will help the crafter convert to a standard level license through Lehigh’s retail license program.


Please email for additional information and questions regarding the portal or application process. 

Lehigh Licensing Office Contact Information 

Monika I. Skuriat Fritz, MBA
Director, Business Partnerships & Marketing
Business Services
Lehigh University