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About Connections

Connections is a strategic initiative that will improve how those within the campus community, including visitors, travel within and between Lehigh’s three campuses. While each campus has its strengths, challenges, and characteristics, each is part of a greater whole that is Lehigh University. 

The vision outlined below seeks to improve access, significantly reduce congestion, improve the usage of Goodman Campus, achieve a more integrated Mountaintop Campus, and create a more connected, pedestrian-friendly environment.

Connections also advances Lehigh’s Campus Sustainability Plan 2030 while pursuing the health and wellness aspirations that are critical to creating a strong, supportive, and healthy campus community.

Connections Vision

Connections will reduce the reliance on cars for on-campus travel, promote ridership and expansion of the Lehigh University transit system, and encourage health and wellness through walking and cycling. Connections will create a more collaborative, less congested, and more sustainable environment for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors.

The Connections Plan and its Strategic Goals

The Connections Plan will seek to accomplish the following strategic goals:

  • Foster a multimodal culture
  • Prioritize  environmental sustainability
  • Enhance health & wellness
  • Minimize the requirements for new parking lots and structures

These strategic goals require a new approach and major changes to how we connect with, within, and between our campuses. While it will be challenging to implement a significant cultural change, a coherent and connected University campus will advance Lehigh's strategic plan, Inspiring the Future Makers, while ensuring that Lehigh’s financial resources are supporting our academic and research mission.

Areas of Focus


Transit System

An efficient and seamless transit system is essential to supporting a car-free campus and reducing reliance on personal vehicles, integrating the three campuses, and fully utilizing all existing parking facilities. Learn more...

Parking System

Development plans, and population growth, coupled with the implementation of the car-free zone, are expected to impact parking capacity. Effective and properly utilized parking will support the needs of the campus more sustainably. Lehigh will implement a parking strategy to accommodate demand sustainably. Learn more...

Mobility Solutions

Foster a multi-modal culture and prepare for future changes to the mobility ecosystem by providing an array of mobility services and solutions that reduce single occupancy automobile dependence, promote health and wellness, and support the long-term University vision and master plan. Learn more...

Pedestrian Experience

A walkable and bikeable campus is imperative to creating a safer, healthier, and more vibrant community. The Connections Plan focuses on prioritizing the pedestrian and biking experience by expanding the zones in which walking and riding are paramount and driving and parking are secondary, and in certain cases, not allowed. Areas that transform roadways, and prioritize pedestrians fall within the car-free zone on the Asa Packer Campus and build upon past successful public realm improvements. Learn more...


Creating new and enlivening existing key campus gateways and borders to promote community, enhance connectivity, and create a sense of arrival to campus for both visitors and the community. Learn more...

How Lehigh Works

Optimizing the use of campus resources, including the efficient use of time and technology, is essential as we aim to meet the long-term vision of the University. By leveraging technology and prioritizing efficient use of campus spaces and travel time, Lehigh can ensure increased academic programming opportunities and productivity of its employees. Learn more...