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Creating new and enlivening existing key campus gateways and borders to promote community, enhance connectivity, and create a sense of arrival to campus for both visitors and the community.

“Let’s face it,” Simon said, “parking lots make lousy borders.  Neighbors shouldn’t be separated by large stretches of asphalt, and universities should not be separated from the community in which they reside by a large stretch of asphalt.  SouthSide Commons will help change all that."

South New Street Streetscape Design Open House

Link to the full SSC Groundbreaking

  • Create seamless connections between campuses and the SouthSide through roadway network improvements and an enhanced transit system.
  • Soften and connect gateways between campus and the surrounding community to blur the lines between the Asa Packer Campus and the SouthSide.
  • Redesign and enliven entry to the campus through streetscape improvements and SouthSide business revitalization.
  • Prioritize the pedestrian experience through roadway improvements, lighting, landscaping enhancements, and reduction of single-occupancy vehicles.
  • Develop a faculty and staff housing program through both rentals and incentives to purchasing homes on the SouthSide.
The Future Lehigh University Gateways

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