Surplus Sale and/or Disposal Guidelines

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Your department's junk could be another department's treasure.

Surplus Sale and/or Disposal Guidelines

Disposal Guidelines include scrapping, transferring and donating surplus property. University guidelines state that any surplus item must be advertised on ASA's Attic before selling or disposing of it by other means. If the surplus item is computer equipment, review and follow the procedure for the disposal or relocation of computer equipment

Step 1:

Please determine whether the surplus property was purchased with grant funds. If the item is grant funded, the item must be approved for sale by the Controller's Office.  For information regarding asset codes and determining if the property is grant funded and to access the forms to be submitted, please visit the Controller’s Office website.  Questions? Please contact Julie Tostevin,, for assistance. 

Step 2:

Post the surplus property on ASA's Attic using the Surplus web form.

Posting Instructions:

  • Your surplus property description should be as specific as possible; enter the item's description, age, condition, and “asking price”.

  • Asking price should be determined by checking with the manufacturer, referring to the original purchase price, finding similar commodity on E-Bay or other sales media, etc.

  • If additional assistance is required, the department may also contact our staff by emailing the details to before posting. It should be noted that Surplus Porty and Logistics has no resources to accurately validate your asking price and can only estimate what a fair price should be.

The item will be posted for a maximum of thirty days and then deleted. If you want to post longer than one month, notify Asa's Attic prior to the end of the 30 day period for an extension.

You are required to post on Asa's Attic for a minimum of 10 business days before selling or disposing of the surplus. If the surplus is sold after ten days but prior to 30 days, please notify Asa's Attic of the disposition of the surplus so that it can be deleted from Asa's Attic.

Items that do not sell on Asa's Attic becomes "surplus property". The items will be transfered to a public auction site - currently Surplus Property is using for hosting its auctions. After 30 days with no purchase, the item will be posted for donation to local non-profits or scrap via GovDeals.

Check the Controller’s website for property management and reallocation forms that must be submitted.

Step 3:

If we are successful in selling your property, the following information and or forms will be required. Surplus Property will also need an account number to transfer funds to once they are received - please note that for sales of $500 or more, the department will receive 85% of the sale, 15% of the total sale will be held back for administrative costs. 


● Unless you indicate otherwise, internal sales of surplus property - the receiving department will be responsible for moving the surplus and paying any related labor and transportation cost.