LU Disability Parking

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LU Disability Parking
LU Disability Parking

Persons with Disabilities

Disability Parking Spaces

Accessibility Shuttle

Application for A LU Disability Parking

To apply for Faculty/Staff LU disability parking, please complete the following forms:

Reasonable Accommodation Request Form

Alternate Parking/Transportation Request Form

To apply for Student LU disability parking, please complete the following form:

Student Disability Request Form


Please submit the above forms to the following individuals for review and approval:

Faculty: Kelly Woodbridge, Human Resources, (610) 758-3698,

Staff: Kelly Woodbridge, Human Resources, (610) 758-3698,

Student: Maria Zullo, Disability Support Services Office, (610) 758-4152,


Lehigh-issued disability parking permits and AccessLU privileges may be available for employees of Vendors (including On-Campus Vendors) if deemed appropriate following consultation with the vendor’s Human Resources office or other comparable office.

Approved applicants who wish to utilize the AccessLU shuttle should contact Transportation Services at (610) 758-4410 to schedule transportation.

Those approved for LU disability parking will have access to park in the available Disability Parking Spaces located in their assigned Campus Parking Zone as well as to utilize the University’s new accessible shuttle service, AccessLU.

An LU disability parking application is not required if you already have a State Issue Disability parking hangtag or license plate.