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Parking Permits for 2023-2024

Faculty and staff parking permits for FY 23-24 (July 1, 2023- June 30, 2024) will be available for purchase online at go.lehigh.edu/parking, beginning on Thursday, June 1, 2023 at 9:00 AM. Please use your Lehigh ID and password to login. DO NOT CREATE AN ACCOUNT. All permits will be available on a first come first served basis.

Parking permits will be valid beginning July 1, 2023, and payroll deductions for parking permit fees will begin in July, 2023.

The following permit options with a June 30, 2024, expiration date will be available for purchase:

  1. Assigned Parking Zone Permit based on your campus address*

  2. Goodman Commuter Permit

  3. Sayre Parking Zone Commuter Permit

  4. Dual Zone Parking Permit (Valid in your assigned Asa Packer parking zone: Alumni, Farrington, Southside OR Zoellner. Also valid in Mountaintop and Goodman zones.)  

  5. All Access Zone Parking Permit (Valid in Alumni, Farrington, Zoellner, Mountaintop AND Goodman Zones. Employees assigned to the Southside zone will have that option included.)

*For parking zone assignments, please see Appendix D. If you would prefer a different parking zone permit, please contact Parking Services at inpark@lehigh.edu with your preferred zone to be placed on a waiting list. Faculty/staff with child(ren) in the Child Care Center may request a commuter permit valid in the Saucon Village parking lot. Please send your request to inpark@lehigh.edu.

Commuter Permits 

The commuter permit incentives include the following:

  1. Evening & weekend parking privileges in all faculty/staff parking zones

  2. Academic break parking privileges in assigned parking zone based on campus address

  3. 4 all-day visitor parking permits per semester

  4. $25 Passport Mobile credit per semester

  5. $20 Lyft credit per semester

PLEASE NOTE:  The Sayre Zone commuter parking permits will be available in the following parking lots: House 87, House 88, House 90, House 93, House 97, House 99, Umoja and Sayre Park Village. Click here for the exact locations.

Exchanging Permits

If you choose to exchange a commuter parking permit for an on-campus permit, or if you exchange your permit from one on-campus zone to another, you will be required to return your current permit and pay the $10 exchange fee.

Exchanging a commuter permit may result in additional fees. For detailed information, please click here or contact Parking Services at inpark@lehigh.edu.

Permit Fees for the FY 23-24 

Permits by Zone


Monthly Rate

Alumni, Farrington, Southside & Zoellner zone



Mountaintop & Goodman zone









Goodman & Sayre Zone Commuter

(See incentives above)




Adjuncts & Wage Employees

Parking permit registration will begin for adjuncts and wage employees on Thursday, June 8, 2023. Please complete this form. Once Parking Services receives it, a permit will be made available to you online at go.lehigh.edu/parking.


For information about carpooling at Lehigh - please visit: businessservices.lehigh.edu/carpooling-lehigh

Buying your Permit Online - Procedures to remember

  • If your vehicle was not previously registered with Lehigh, you will be required to scan and upload a copy of your state vehicle registration. Your state vehicle registration must be included with your submission or the transaction will not be processed.

  • Payment: Faculty/staff parking permits are payable through payroll deduction only.  Wage and adjunct parking permits are payable with American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

  • Shipping: Please select or add the mailing address you would like your permit mailed to.  Make sure the address contains the City, State and Zip Code as the permits will be mailed by a third party using USPS. Mailing date is TBD.

  • After you have completed the transaction, please print out and display your receipt on your dashboard until your permit arrives.

If you have any questions after reviewing this information, please feel free to contact Parking Services at (610)758-7275 or via email at inpark@lehigh.edu


Faculty & Staff

How To Obtain A Permit

To obtain your permit, please login to go.lehigh.edu/parking with your Lehigh ID and password.  You will need to upload copies of vehicle registration of any vehicles not previously registered with Parking Services.

If you are a new employee, please email inpark@lehigh.edu with your full name, Lehigh ID number, and Lehigh email address to request a permit application.

Supervisors may request a complimentary visitor permit for the new employee’s first day.  Requests should be submitted online at go.lehigh.edu/visitorparkingrequest.  Employees who work at 306 S. New Street will be issued a permit to park in the New Street parking garage on their first day.

Parking Permit Fees

Additional Parking Options:

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