Carpooling at Lehigh

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One (1) permit will be issued at the same fee rate as an individual Faculty and Staff Permit within one assigned campus parking zone. A carpool permit may include up to 4 individuals. The carpool permit will be issued and billed to one primary user, with the cost of the permit to be split by all carpool participants. If you elect to purchase a carpool permit, please contact Parking Services to complete the carpool agreement. A carpool agreement must be signed by each carpool member.

Participation Requirements:

  • All members of a carpool will commit to carpooling for their commute every day, with the exception of the days they use their free one-day permits or free Goodman commuter parking permit.
  • One carpool member will be designated as the primary carpool member who must complete the parking permit registration form and will be responsible for having the appropriate parking permit fee payroll deducted.


  • The primary carpool member will purchase the parking permit by logging into
  • Email the names and up to 6 vehicle registrations of the other carpool members.
  • Parking Services will contact those named in the registration to confirm their participation and will request a completed carpool agreement form.
  • Parking Services will mail the carpool permit to the primary carpool member.


Each carpool participant will receive:

  • A Goodman commuter parking permit
  • 4 visitor parking permits per semester
  • $25 Passport Mobile credit per semester
  • $20 Lyft code credit per semester


If any carpool member would like to withdraw from the carpool, the commuter permit must be returned to Parking Services as soon as possible. If it is the primary carpool member, the primary carpool member must return the permit to Parking Services. A new primary carpool member must be selected and will be required to purchase a parking zone permit to continue the carpool and obtain the carpool permit.