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Udated sent to campus on 11/30/22:

The Chosen Name/Gender Identity Working Group is pleased to share an update on the usage of chosen names in University systems. Last year we announced the ability to provide a chosen first, middle, and/or last name to be used in the system of record. Since that time, additional systems have been updated to display chosen names.

  • Lehigh ID Cards: Chosen names are now being printed on the ID card for students, faculty, and staff if one was provided.
  • Mail Center: Chosen names are displayed at the kiosk when students swipe their ID card to pick up a package. The staff at the Mail Center are able to look up packages using a student’s chosen name. The kiosk and display monitors at the Mail Center also display chosen names. To ensure a smooth pick up process, please include your box number on all mail.
  • Course Site/Moodle: Chosen names now display in the user profile and in class lists for faculty members and students.
  • Lyterati (Faculty PAR system): Chosen names are displayed in Lyterati if one was provided.
  • PyraMed (Student Health Portal): Chosen names are displayed to both the Health Center staff and the student via their patient portal.
  • Self-Service Banner 9: Chosen name is the default display name for all new pages/forms in SSB9, which was rolled out to the Lehigh community in October.
  • Argos Dashboards & Reports: LTS and functional areas continue to update Argos dashboards and reports where chosen names are allowed.

Your patience is much appreciated as we continue to work on implementing the use of chosen names in other appropriate University systems and processes. You can view a list of places where chosen names are being displayed at: Updating Chosen Name and Gender Identity at Lehigh. This page is continually updated as we make progress in additional systems. If you would like to report an occurrence of the incorrect name being displayed, you can submit an LTS Help request by selecting “Enterprise Software Help” and choosing your associated area.

As a reminder, if you would like to provide a chosen first, middle, and/or last name, you may do so at this page: If you have questions or would like more information, please contact The Pride Center for Sexual Orientation & Gender Diversity at and/or the Chosen Name/Gender Identity Working Group at

Since the February 2021 adoption of the Chosen Name Policy and the Gender Identity Policy, the Chosen Name/Gender Identity Working Group has been making strides to configure university systems in support of these policies. We are pleased to announce that members of the Lehigh community can now provide their chosen first, middle, and/or last name to be included in the system of record via this page: Please note, if you have submitted a “Preferred First Name” via Self-Service Banner in the past, this name has been added to the new chosen first name field with your legal last name.

We are thrilled to be taking this step toward integrating chosen names across university systems, ensuring that the information you provide is accurately reflected and displayed where appropriate. We ask for your patience as we continue to incorporate chosen names in appropriate university systems and processes. This may take some time. We will revise the Updating Chosen Name and Gender Identity at Lehigh documentation as we progress.

Additionally, we have updated the university’s Banner system to allow for the storage of diacritical marks, also known as special characters in names (i.e., Renée). If you have a special character in your legal name, please follow the process of updating your legal name with the university. If your chosen name includes a special character, visit to provide your chosen name.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact The Pride Center for Sexual Orientation & Gender Diversity at and/or the Chosen Name/Gender Identity Working Group at