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The Mail Center is ready to get your packages to your student in a speedy and efficient manner.

**Please note that the Mail Center has moved to 1 Farrington Square, Suite 200 - Above The Lehigh Store!**

If you have questions or need information not covered in the FAQ's below, please contact us at: We will work to answer your inquiry as quickly as possible. In order for us to get you an answer quickly, please include the following in your inquiry:

  • Your Student's Name
  • Student's Mailbox Number (if you know it)
  • A description of the issue/question - if package related, please include a tracking number/carrier if you know it
  • Your preferred contact info - how would you like us to reply, phone or email?

We know getting packages and mail to your student is important - whether that packages is a forgotten item from home or a care package for a home-sick student. We'll do everything we can to get it in their hands asap. 


When can I start sending packages/mail to campus at the start of the new school year?

For the 2024-25 academic year, the Mail Center will begin accepting student packages on August 1, 2024. All packages must be address with the student’s full name, mailbox number and address.  Example:

Student Name
Lehigh University
Box #### (your mailbox number)
1 Farrington Square, Suite 200
Bethlehem, PA 18015

If you have not yet received your mailbox number, please write "FYS" on the package to identify it as a first-year student package.  Please note that your Box # is not a PO Box.

First year students receive their mailbox numbers during the summer and will be notified via email when they become available. Mailbox numbers will be made available through the portal. Your mailbox number is yours to utilize regardless of living location AND will remain your mailbox until you graduate. 

Where does my student pick-up their packages/mail?

The packages will not be delivered to dorm rooms. Packages must be picked up in the Mail Center OR at a designated package locker if your student lives in Hitch, Maida, Singleton House, or Farrington Square.

Upon receiving a package or mail at the Mail Center, your student will recieve an email notification letting them know there is a package/mail waiting for them at either the Mail Center or the package lockers. The email will include any additional instructions for pick-up.

When can my student pick-up their package/mail?

Current Temporary (summer) Hours (as of May 20, 2024):

Monday - Friday: 9 am - 4 pm (limited service)

Fall/Spring Semester Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8 am - 5 pm

Saturday: 10 am - 2 pm 

*Please note that our shipping registers close 15 minutes before end of business day*

Package lockers are accessible 24/7.

What address should I send my student's packages/mail to?

First students receive their mailbox numbers in early August via a letter home. Your mailbox number is yours to utilize regardless of living location AND will remain your mailbox until you graduate. 

Below is a sample of how to format your address on packages and mail.

Student's Name

Lehigh University

Box #### (your mailbox number)

1 Farrington Square, Suite 200

Bethlehem, PA 18015

It is important that you DO NOT put P.O. before the box number. This will redirect all mail to the local post office, not Lehigh University.

How do my students pick-up packages from the lockers located in Hitch House and Farrington Square?

Package pick-up lockers have been installed on the 4th floor of Hitch House for Hitch, Maida, and Singelton House and Farrington Square residents. 

Pick-Up Instructions and Process:

  • Your package will arrive first at the Lehigh University Mail Center.
  • Provided a locker space is available, your package will be rerouted to the package lockers on the 4th floor of Hitch House  ( or 1 Farrington Square, 2nd floor, near rear entrance to Mail Center off of Asa Drive).
  • You will receive TWO email notifications:
    • Notification that your package has been scanned into the Mail Center.
    • Notification that your package has been placed in the package lockers for pick-up. This second email will contain a barcode which you will use to retrieve your package. 
  • At the lockers, please scan your barcode using the locker’s barcode scanner on the kiosk.
  • The locker containing your package will automatically open. Please retrieve your own package and do not share your barcode.  
  • Please pick your package up promptly to free a space for the next student. 
Where should Southside Commons residents get their packages/mail?

All undergraduates are assigned mailboxes at the Mail Center, regardless of where they live.  If you choose to send mail and packages to the Mail Center, make sure you use the 1 Farrington Square, Suite 200 address and their mailbox number. Students that live in Southside Commons also have access to a mailroom inside of building. To have packages delivered directly to Southside Commons, please use their Southside Commons address.

Are there limitations on package weight/size?

The Mail Center does not accept packages weighing more than 70 lbs. Packages over 70 lbs. are delivered to Building J at the Mountaintop Campus. At that point, it will be rerouted down to the Mail Center. For more information on size restrictions and weight of parcels, please check your preferred carrier's website.