Dining for Transfer Students

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Lehigh Dining Services offers the most extensive dining portfolio in the Lehigh Valley. You can eat at any one of our custom-designed student restaurants or visit any of the retail locations across campus to enjoy a satisfying meal at any time of the day.

Meal Plans

Transfer students can choose from a variety of meal plans depending on class status and housing assignment.

For a list of complete meal plan options as well as eligibility and affiliated buildings for each meal plan, please go to Housing & Meal Plan Rates.

Initially, all Transfer students will be asked to select a meal plan when completing the housing contract. After housing assignments are made, students eligible to lower/cancel their meal plan will be notified.

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars work as a separate debit account that you access through your Lehigh ID and can use to buy items or meals at any Lehigh Dining Services location.

The amount of Dining Dollars deposited into your account roll over from fall to spring semester. Any unused funds in your account at the end of spring semester are forfeited. You may add Dining Dollars to your account by visiting the University Center, calling (610) 758-6179 or by accessing your Lehigh portal. To add Dining Dollars through your portal, navigate to Banner, Student Service, additional Dining Dollars.

Through the Dining Dollars Rewards Program, you can receive a 20% bonus when you add additional Dining Dollars to your meal plan before the end of the 10th day of classes each semester! A 10% bonus applies after the 10th day as long as you remain on the plan.

For more information on your meal plan and how it works, visit Dining Services.