Flexible Reserved Parking Frequently Asked Questions

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What is flexible reserved parking?

Flexible reserved parking (go.lehigh.edu/parkingreserve) is a payment option for parking that allows people to pay for parking in advance of arriving on campus, the same way they would by purchasing a visitor parking permit for a specific day. This is NOT replacing the current permit system, but instead will supplement it.

Who can use flexible reserved parking?

Faculty, staff, students and visitors who come to campus may use flexible reserved parking; however, normal parking regulations still apply to where the particular person would like to park. To review the parking regulations please click here.

What is the price for flexible reserved parking?

During the pilot program, the price is a flat fee per day with the amount being either $5 or $8 depending on the location. A $0.35 convenience fee will be added for each transaction. For example, a one-day $8 transaction would be $8.35 and a single two-day transaction, for the same price per day, would be $16.35.

I'm entering all of my information properly into the flexible reserved parking website but I'm not getting any options to park on campus. Why?

Based on whether you are a faculty, staff, student, or visitor will determine where and when you are eligible to park on campus. If you are not eligible to park at a specific time on campus, or if no more parking is available, you will not see any options listed.

I'm a faculty/staff member at Lehigh. Am I able to use flexible reserved parking to pay to park in place of buying a permit?

Yes, you may use flexible reserved parking to choose the date and location you want to park on campus, in advance, and pay. A space will then be available in that specific lot for you on the date/time you have chosen.

As a student can I use flexible reserved parking to park in a faculty/staff space on a weekday to attend a class or meeting on campus, during the academic year?

If it is between the hours of 4:00 PM and 6:00 AM, Monday-Friday, then yes. Parking regulations will still apply so students will not be able to park in faculty/staff lots from 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday-Friday. After entering in your information and choosing the date and time you want to park, you will be provided with the options that you are eligible for. If you are not eligible to park in a specific location then it will not show up for you.

Am I able to just see all of the options and pick from those?

The flexible reserved parking platform was designed to remove the decision making process out of parking. Based on your status (faculty, staff, student or visitor) and the date and time you want to park on campus, you will be provided with the best options available at the best price.

What if my schedule changes and I don't need to use the parking I paid for, will you provide a refund? How do I go about getting a refund?

Yes, a partial refund will be provided as long as the parking session hasn't already begun. To receive a partial refund, please contact Parking Services.

How will I know the location of the parking area I selected/paid for?

Upon selecting the location to park, a magnifying glass icon will be present to click/tap on. If you click/tap on that icon, a window will pop up with the address of the parking lot/garage. There will also be a link to Google Maps to get directions from your current location.

After 4:00 PM, is my parking valid in any zone? Example: If I purchased parking in the Alumni garage levels 3-6, can I park in the Zoellner garage after 4:00 PM?

If you purchase parking in a specific location, such as the Alumni garage, then that is the only place your parking will be valid in.

What if I decide to bring a different vehicle? How do I change the information I provided when I purchased the parking?

When you log on the the flexible reserved parking website click/tap the calendar icon labled "Reserved" and then choose the date you reserved parking for. Upon choosing the date, the details of the reserved parking will show up including the license plate information. Click/tap the pencil icon to change the license plate of the vehicle you are bringing to campus and click "Submit."


Have a question that isn't listed above? Please contact the Parking office at inpark@lehigh.edu or 610-758-7275.