Housing Options

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As an incoming student, you'll live in a residence hall surrounding the academic core of the campus.

All of our students live in learning-enhancing environments where we provide a variety of opportunities to live in a community that promotes diversity and embraces excellence, encourages insightful faculty-student interactions and works to develop a strong sense of community. In addition to these experiences, we also offer theme housing options where students are able to live and learn around a certain topic of interest. We encourage you to seek out information on the Residence Life website to determine if a theme experience might be right for you.

There are many ways to get involved outside the classroom that will teach you more about college, Lehigh and yourself. However, you are responsible and in charge of your path at Lehigh and this is especially true of your residential experience. You can study, go to class, and sit in you room for the duration of your college career. However, we'd recommend that while you should study and go to class, you should also leave you room, get to know your neighbors, participate in your hall council and put yourself out there to find a home here.

For more information about our residence halls, please visit each building's webpage.