2020 Virtual Open House

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Day 1 - Digital printing, clear and white toner

Day 2- Wide Format Printing- sign up for our Zoom session below

Day 3 - Mail Services

Day 4 - Graphic Design

Day 5 - Digital Communications

Getting to talk with our customers is the best part of our business. That’s why we’re excited to announce our virtual Open House, coming the week of November 16th! Since we couldn’t host an in-person open house, we’re going to bring the open house to you! Each day next week, we will send an email with the daily agenda, featuring:


- Unique videos focusing on specific ways to help improve your projects

   Learn about using clear toner to enhance images, how to select the best window graphic material and much more!

- Exciting giveaways and offers for all of those that attend our sessions

   We’ll have gift card raffles for live session attendees and discounts on products and services throughout the week!

- Live educational sessions and roundtable discussions with our staff

   Learn more about the live sessions below!

Our live roundtables will be held at 1:30pm each day. A ZOOM invite for each topic will be in the daily Open House email, but you can add a reminder to your calendar below!

Simplifying the ordering process

Monday, November 16th 1:30pm

Print orders can be confusing, with all of the various paper types, sizes and finishes. Let's talk about how we can streamline the ordering process in MyPrintDesk for you.


Provide a little extra POP to your next event

Tuesday, November 17th

At some point in the near future, in-person events will be back. Plan ahead and learn about the many ways that wide format printing can enhance your next event.


Special delivery -Engage with custom envelopes

Wednesday, November 18th  1:30pm

Make your mailings stand out from the rest by creating custom envelopes with images and text.

Not your typical graphic design

Thursday, November 19th 1:30pm

Come meet our new graphic design team and learn about how their skill set goes far beyond your standard graphic design.


How has your department handled the digital transformation
Friday, November 20th 1:30pm How has your department handled the digital change and what are the gaps that you still experience in communicating

Download the size specifications for Pop-Up banners right here!